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>90% of customers are only concerned with "what will be the cost of a website designing". Trust us, you are not asking the right questions. Read through to find out what should concern you more than just the cost.

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Why Do You Need a Website

It is your virtual store

Just like you have an office/store for your customers to visit, your website is the place where you meet and interact with your online customers

Two Way Communication

You can have a chat with your target customers who visit your website, understand their requirements and even sell your products/deliver a service accordingly. And all these can be done through your website.

Brand Image

Now it is a proven and tested fact that buyers tend to trust and rely on those brands/companies more who have a nice and decent website

1st Step to Digital Marketing

Without a website you can not even think of a proper digital marketing campaign. Your Adword and SMO would be 50% less effective and SEO is impossible without a website

For Maximum Visibility

Your website can have all the required information about your company/brand and the website link can be shared all over the web space be it social media or Google search results.

Now that you have read the above points, it is needless to say that you can never compromise on a website anymore


Being one of the Best Website Designers in Kolkata, we ensure that we never leave a customer dissatisfied. We understand that a website is an asset for any business. Our analysts found that 45% customers trust a brand which has a website and it is needless to say that more engaging and user friendly a website is, more are the chances of conversion. Amongst these already noisy environment of Website Development, we come as a hint of fresh air. 

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