Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing?Which one should you choose?

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There are more than 400 million smartphone users in India and around 3 billion in the world in 2020. Needless to explain if you are targeting the current generation then Internet Marketing is way ahead of Offline Marketing in terms of reach. With a single click you can reach to millions of people through Internet Marketing which is not possible in Traditional Marketing. How many people you know who doesn’t have a Facebook Account? If you need an information where do you search? Yeah. Now you are getting it slowly.

Best Internet Marketing Company in Kolkata
Best Internet Marketing Company in Kolkata


This is one of the most important factors for many advertisers out there. If you consider the amount of reach with the costs involved then you must choose Digital Marketing. The cost of designing a website and promoting it through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are much lower than running a TV Ad or a newspaper Ad.


This could be better explained with an example. Assume that you sell baby food products and you customers are women or men you have just become parents. There is no way you can target this class of customers specifically through offline marketing which you can easily do through Digital Marketing. If you running a newspaper Ad and an old widow sees it, your Ad is wasted. In Digital Marketing you can target as per age, sex, demography, interest level, geographic location and what not.

Best Internet Marketing Company in Kolkata


You can have a much detailed analysis of your Ad in Digital Marketing. A marketing campaign without proper analysis is like running in a road towards your destination with your eyes closed. Through Google analytics and Social Media analytics, we can track the Ads realtime and alter the campaigns accordingly which allows a better utilization of your budget. Hence, Digital Marketing is always more cot effective than Traditional Marketing techniques. 


For offline marketing like banners, flyers, TV Ads etc, the communication is always one way whereas in Internet Marketing it is always two-way. You can chat/talk to the targeted customers directly and understand their needs in a much better way and get a much better conversion on leads.

Best Internet Marketing Company in Kolkata
Best Internet Marketing Company in Kolkata

Viral Nature

Internet Marketing has the capacity to go viral. There are various social media channels where a single attractive message can be spread to millions of people within hours as sharing a message is much easier here. This property makes Online Marketing unique with unmatched reach and hence ROI. 

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As the article explains, there are plenty of benefits from Digital Marketing. If you are having a long term goal, I will surely recommend Digital Marketing. If you are having a local business with very less radius of operation and on budget constraint then you can just go ahead with flyers and posters but for all other circumstances, I recommend you to go “Digital”. If you are looking for the Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata, get in touch with us today. You will never regret this decision. Read our next blog which will help you narrow down on the options and choose the Best Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.  

Now that you have realised the importance of Internet Marketing, it is time for you to choose the Best Internet Marketing Company to do this complex job

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